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Beaches of the Algarve

The Algarve region has beaches to suit all tastes.

The Algarve region has beaches to suit all tastes. We’ve selected a few for you to visit.

If you’re looking for wild, untamed beaches with lots of waves, then the beach of Arrifana, on the Costa Vicentina, is one of the most beautiful. People come from miles around just to look at it. Barriga is just as beautiful. You can only get to it along a dirt track and you will need to take some provisions with you. It’s well worth the trouble, though, as this is definitely a five-star beach.

For smooth seas and vast, sandy beaches, you should be in the Sotavento region of the Algarve, which is its eastern part. If you like having kilometres of sand all to yourself and the chance to spread your towel just where you want, then we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the beach of Barril, on an island directly opposite Tavira.

If you prefer the company of the golden rocks that have made the Algarve famous, then choose the bay of Lagos, and the beach of Dona Ana in particular. Above all, don’t miss the chance to walk along the seaside through the fascinating arches and tunnels carved out of the rocks.

For nightlife lovers, the lively atmospheres of Praia da Rocha in Portimão, Galé in Albufeira, or Praia da Oura and Vilamoura will be ideal for you. Finally, if you’re in with the in-crowd, then take a trip to the beach of Ancão, between Quinta do Lago and Vale de Lobo, two of the finest resorts in the Algarve. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the rustic simplicity of the wooden restaurants; this is the high end of beach life.

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